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Your Session

There are three main stages that you need to be aware of in order to plan for your photography session. Taking a little time up front to evaluate your personal needs and convey them to our staff will ensure that you get the best service possible! First, think about what kind of settings you would like to shoot in, how many people are involved and when they are available, how many outfit changes you would like to do, and any props or personalization you would like to include.


Contact us to explore what session type will best meet those needs, hear about special offers and other options that would make your session truly unique, and schedule the shoot. At this time you might also want to think about specific products that you would like to capture shots for, and alert the photographer about these.


After the photos have been taken, we will have you schedule a follow up viewing session in which all the parties who would be interested in having say in the selection and ordering should be present. In this session you will have the opportunity to view your photos in high definition on our flat screen, and have the personal attention of our sales staff to guide you through the selection process and put together your perfect package! In order to prepare for this, it is a good idea to have a detailed list of quantities you are ordering as gifts, wall dimensions for locations in your home you are ordering canvas or framed portraits for, number of holiday cards or invitations you will be including wallets in, or the other photos in a collection you are adding to.


Once the order has been placed, please allow a few weeks for processing and shipping, we will call you as soon as we have them in. At that time you can come and pick them up, look them over and double check the order, place an order for any additional quantities or products you may have decided to add on, and have any other questions you may have answered.

crafted by photobiz